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collies2love's Journal

For the Love of a Collie
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This community was created as a method of sharing information about collies.

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Members are encouraged to discuss topics about collie health issues, versatility, agility, obedience, conformation, training and rescue.

This is a friendly community, created as a source of information for collie lovers, not a place to create drama. Keep it clean, or you will be removed. Treat the members with courtesy, you may disagree, but please remember to treat each other with respect.

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Have fun, and share photos of your collies, the more the merrier!

We are going to have a monthly collie photo contest. The rules are simple:
1) All photos must be of your own collie/collies.
2) Each contest will have a specific theme.
3) No collie should be put into any dangerous or potentially harmful situation to photograph the themed picture.
4) Only members will be allowed to enter the contests.
5) Only members will be allowed to vote in the contests.
6) You may not vote for your own collie.
7) For each contest, each member may submit ONE photo. The one photo may contain any number of collies.
8) When posting your theme entry, you MUST include the words "Theme contest" and the name of the dog.
9) Always tag your entry with **theme** and the number that corresponds (Theme 1, Theme 2, etc.)

New members, please post an entry introducing yourself and any collies you may have!

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For great sources of information about collies please visit:

(Then choose the correct bandwidth for your connection.)




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